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SIlhouette Curio Large Cutting Base

This base provides a larger workspace for those seeking to create bigger projects...
R 900,00

Silhouette Metal Stippling Sheets

Metal Stippling Sheets
R 140,00

Silhouette Score and Emboss Paper

Score and Emboss Paper
R 130,00

Silhouette Premium Blade

Premium Blade
R 390,00

Silhouette Scratch-Off Sticker Sheets

Scratch-Off Sticker Sheets
R 175,00

Silhouette Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up
R 140,00

Silhouette Deep Cut Blade

Deep Cut Blade
R 500,00

Silhouette Blade

Silhouette Blade
R 250,00

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material...

Heat Transfer Material Glitter White 22.9cm x 91.4cm
R 360,00

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material Black

Heat Transfer Material Black
R 360,00

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material Dark...

Heat Transfer Material Dark Pink
R 360,00

Silhouette Smooth Heat Transfer...

Smooth Heat Transfer Material 9" X 36" Silver
R 360,00

Silhouette Glitter Heat Transfer...

Glitter Heat Transfer Material Silver
R 360,00

Silhouette Heat Transfer Starter Kit

Heat Transfer Starter Kit
R 999,00

Silhouette Vinyl Starter Kit

Vinyl Starter Kit
R 999,00

Silhouette Cameo Flocked Heat Transfer...

Flocked Heat Transfer Material Pink
R 360,00

Silhouette Cameo Printable Gold Foil

Cameo Printable Gold Foil
R 175,00
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