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Silhouette Pix Scan Mat

Unlock a whole new world of project possibilities with PixScan™ technology. Simply use the 8.5 in. x 11.5 in. PixScan™ mat...
R 292,54

Silhouette Curio 12x8.5 Embossing Mat

12x8.5 Embossing Mat
R 180,00
R 353,07

Silhouette Curio 6x8.5 Cutting Mat

6x8.5 Cutting Mat
R 161,40
R 161,40

Silhouette Curio 6x8.5 Embossing Mat

6x8.5 Embossing Mat
R 160,00
R 242,11

Silhouette Metal Stippling Sheets

Metal Stippling Sheets
R 70,00
R 141,23

Silhouette Premium Blade

Premium Blade
R 390,00

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material...

Heat Transfer Material Glitter White 22.9cm x 91.4cm
R 180,00
R 363,16

Silhouette Smooth Heat Transfer...

Smooth Heat Transfer Material 9" X 36" Silver
R 180,00
R 363,16

Silhouette CAMEO Fabric Blade

CAMEO Fabric Blade
R 220,00
R 252,19

Silhouette CAMEO Sketch Pen Pack - 3...

Sketch Pen Pack - 3 Black & 1 White.
R 140,00

Silhouette 9x24 Reflective Heat Transfer

9x24 Reflective Heat Transfer
R 260,00

Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Material...

Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Material Dark Pink
R 180,00
R 363,16

Silhouette Cutting Mat 12x12"

Cutting mat features a strong tack that doesn't tear thin papers but will last a long time.
R 290,00